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My Trip to Portugal Summarized by Five Remarkable Bathroom Visits (Part II)

As we’re waiting to board the plane, the flight crew makes an announcement that one of the toilets on board just broke down and they’d rather take off and get us to our destination than fix it. They push departure back 25 minutes to give everyone time for a final trip to the bathroom, like mom and dad nudging the kids to go potty one more time before hitting the road for Florida. I’m not trying to be melodramatic here, but this is my worst nightmare.

Kalimera from Greece

This morning I woke up in a pension off the main road in Fira, on the island of Santorini in Greece. I didn’t realize I’d booked a hostel until after we’d arrived, and aside from paper-thin towels and a parade of tiny bugs that march up the shower wall, it is actually not a bad place to lay for the night.

Good Morning from Croatia

It’s not like he didn’t warn me. For years he said, “If we go to Croatia, we’ll need a month. You won’t be a regular tourist there. You won’t get to see it all. A lot of the trip will be spent in relatives’ living rooms, visiting. And they won’t all speak English.”