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Welcome to MidLife Modern!

Hey there! Welcome to my new blog, MidLife Modern. You may have traveled over here from my previous blog, Much to My Delight. If you did, thanks so much for making the schlep! I plan to do things a little differently over here. Here’s what you can expect from the new site.

It's Just a Season

As the leaves fall and the branches go cold, I remind myself that time is a gypsy, forever packing up and traveling in and out of town. I remind myself that nothing is eternal; that everything–eventually– will change. That change can be good. That it’s all just a season.

Now You're in New York

The only reason you pick someone up from the airport is because you want to make his or her life easier and more pleasant. In New York City, you only meet someone at the airpot when you simply can’t wait another minute to see them.

Too Old to Blog?

Sometimes I wonder: Am I too old to blog? Is it silly for a girl woman of a certain age to share her thoughts in what is essentially an online journal? Is it sad? Weird? Awkward? Boring?

This Is Marriage

About six years ago, I stepped into a small mound of cow shit. It’s a memory I just can’t shake, mostly because I was barefoot at the time. And wearing a really long white dress.

On The Road Again

She passed the keys over the counter, into a palm still tinged with perspiration. She could have said “Welcome to Houston” as I headed toward the lot. Instead she winked, and welcomed me home.