My name is Jennifer, I’m over 40 and everyone calls me ma’am now. I live and work as a psychotherapist in Astoria, Queens. You can usually find me enjoying grown-up sh*t like crafting semi-elaborate dinner parties, tending my herb garden and casing local thrift and vintage stores for funky home décor. I also really enjoy simple pleasures like taking off my bra at the end of the day. I’m on a personal mission to try as many new experiences, foods, classes and services as possible and document it all here.

MidLife Modern is a blog for grown-ass women— bold, smart, modern women who aren’t interested in whining about being over the hill, but constantly looking for new ways to squeeze more fun, meaning and adventure into their daily lives. It’s for women who are tipping into midlife with curiosity, creativity and humor. If this sounds like you, welcome my sister. Let’s get weird.


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